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Lawn Bowls Committees

Bowls Committee

Director: Luke Purcell

Deputy Director: Pam Wakeford

Bowls Secretary: Rhonda Osborne

Saturday Pennant Chair: Martin Somic

Mid-week Pennant Chair: Adrian Rynberk

Tuesday Night Pennant Chair: Trevor Richards

Indoor Bowls Committee Chair: Les Newberry

Match Committee:  Bob Bennett

Coach:  Darryl Contessotto

Lawn Bowls Selection Committees

Midweek Pennant: 

Adrian Rynberk (Chair)

Helen Petrie

Eric Armstrong


Weekend Pennant: 

Martin Somic (Chair)

Simon Forthun

Prithi De Zoysa


Tuesday Night Pennant: 

Trevor Richards (Chair)

Andrew Smith

Indoor Bowls Committees

Indoor Bowls Committee (2023-24)

Chairperson: Les Newberry

Vice Chairperson: Rhonda Osborne

Secretary: Dan Osborne

Bowls co-ordinator: Ron Davidson

Committee Members:     Lyn Newberry

                                               Gina Rizzo

                                               Pam Theobald

                                               Peter Whately

ESIBBA Delegates: Ron Davidson & Dan Osborne

Sub ESIBBA Delegate: Gina Rizzo

National Umpire: Les Newberry

Selectors:   Les Newberry Peter Whately,  Ron Davidson

Indoor Bowls Selection Committee

Ron Davidson

Peter Whatley

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